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Substance Abuse Can Kill Or Take Your Life

Lets identify the when, the how, the why. By doing this in a comfortable environment we can together build an action plan that will put you on a path of healthy long term recovery. Private counseling treatment can be a positive experience when client and counselor work together for one common goal. That goal is to help yoy find an end to the insanity of addiction. 

I have extensive experience working with detox and recovery centers. MAT, outpatient centers, transitional (halfway houses) centers, residential criminal justice facilities, residential private pay rehab, and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) facilities where I learned valuable skills working with offenders, process groups, and transitioning adults on substance use and abuse issues, and to help those recently detoxed (or those that want to stop using) get and stay on the path to recovery. Whether you are a Friend of Bill or prefer an alternative style for treatment, I am able to walk you through the first leg of recovery and redirect your early stages of recovery. If you are in need of residential treatment, I will provide you with affordable resources that will accept most insurances around the state. 

 I was able to work with DFPS (CPS) for a short period in my career and became familiar with needs and necessities of families and children involved with crisis situations. I am able to provide recommendation letters to case workers during counseling.

My years of networking has yielded me resources and referral clinics for those in need of detox, residential treatment, or intensive supervision for critical cases. I have experience counseling clients and family members on the following:

                                                                                            Alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin,

Prescription Pills,  Fentanyl
inhalants, stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamines)



R.K. Counseling Substance Use Treatment LLC will support people in recovery post rehab treatment with Recovery Coaching to support you on your journey. Coaching is more effective for people that have been through traditional rehab and have stabilized for at least one year. I am and will be here to help you continue to climb that stair case. 

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