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Services Provided

Comfortable, Confidential, Discreet

R.K. Counseling provides services for the individual or the couple addressing their problems and struggles in a comfortable and confidential enviroment where people can be themselves, express themselves and most importantly, be honest without being vulnerable. 

What We Offer

Whats the pay off? Smille again, live you life the way you want in a healthy healing way. 

Find your way out of the fog and have fun again. There is a beautiful world out ther waiting to welcome you home and help you learn to live laugh and love. 


I am  a private pay service . I do not accept insurances however, fees for service are below co-pay costs to make services accessable for anyone. 


Substance and Alcohol Use sessions are $75.00 per session. 

Anger Management $75.00

Recovery Coaching $75.00

Conflict Resolution $100


Super Bill's can be provided upon request. If you are not familiar with Super Bill's, they are out of pocket refunds with your insurance provider. Simply provide your provider with a Super Bill and your provider will refund the difference. 


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