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About R.K. Counseling LLC

Hi, my name is Ken Roberson. I am a licenced professional with the state of Texas. I am a LCDC (Chemical Dependency Counselor)

I am the founder of R.K. Counseling LLC. I have been serving my community since 2021 and have helped over 100 people find balance, restoration, and sobriety.  I moved to the Great State of Texas in 1982. In 2005, I moved from San Antonio  to Lewisville with full intention of escaping my problems and issues. I quickly found out they only followed me and I still had the same problem...ME. In a short period of time, a compassionate soul pointed out to me that the way to fix ME was to get sober and clean. After 25 yrs of being drunk and strung out, I agreed I was out of bad ideas and followed some good advice. I've now been clean for over almost 2 decades and never felt better or had more joy in my life. 

 I’ve been an LCDC for over a decade. I started as an offender education instructor (4yrs D.O.E.P.) and then began working in a variety of agency settings. My experiences in counseling include working with criminal offenders, Medication Assisted Treatment, couples counseling, anger management, conflict resolution and the occasional veteran and first responder. Recently I have sharpened my skills in a residential facility as a primary counselor helping people struggling with chemical dependency and alcohol related issues that have effected every part of their lives.  

Treatment/recovery is my life. My determination and my dedication is to share my experience strength and hope and pass on my tools and secrets with a hope that I get to see at least one person experience the miracle, and watch them grow. This is my ultimate reward and satisfaction. I am in the DFW metroplex area in addition to serving North Texas. I have recently expanded my services to include Recovery Coaching. It is my goal to be of service to those that may need a navigator on their road to long term recovery. 

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